you bad boy! Paul Jaisini 

Jake Tarkington · That looks like a boy who knows how to talk about art…

Gary Tatintsian awesome

Ellen Yustas K. Gottlieb Jake, my art idol among the living




What is the true story behind the 11 paintings by Paul Jaisini? 

Just when I wanted to write a comment about the paintings having some strangely prophetic content and the whole story seemingly incomprehensible I spilled my espresso over my whole desk…. glad someone could take care of this mess just now… But I was sort of worried as to should I touch the subject or not…


don’t think of them as ‘disappearing headliners’, but as ‘invisible prose.’ EYKG

Subj: Making Headlines Disappear 8/26/2003 JMPKLAW        

Yustas – I tried to reply to Quan’s silly comments, but was bounced twice last night…and this morning I find theheadline is simply disappeared.  Paul Jaisini would probably approve. Klaw

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