devil with the angel’s face…

homage to Paul Jaisini

devil with the angel's face...

here’s no point in that because it’s so personal no one would understand and people would call me crazy and stuff. it’s very deep (no pun) and requires people to have a mind as open as possible, open to the max. I haven’t met a person like that yet so there is no point in me trying to explain because everyone is the same. these are very visual works as you can see, I try to make them as visual as possible to minimize the verbal nonsense. it is what it is, water, female figures, floating elegance, this isn’t rocket science; I don’t create things at such a scientific level of needing to explain them in minute detail or at all. the way a person interprets art or wants to interpret it is EXACTLY what it’s about, how it was designed to be, the viewers make art out of art…

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