thank you ever so! I appreciate the nice feedback really! took quite a bit of work but worth ever minute for your viewing delight ahh well I’m not the artist himself so it would be wrong of me to try to be as good as him lol. it’s my own little touch, the imperfection is intentional 
not really trying to impress anyone or sell anything here (eykg LOL you), just an innocent lil’ homage to a hero. john I think it’s harder for a perfectionist to make imperfections than to eat 50 hot dogs or something “There’s a [young] lady who’s sure all that glitters is gold…” She is consumed and hypnotized by luxury and brilliance to the degree that it has enveloped her all over. She is possessed by material joy while clinging desperately to a piece of nature, which is her only true connection to true happiness. Sadly, the Illuminati eyes have seized her soul and she is utterly helpless and doomed. That flower is her only savior if only she can be distracted long enough to lift it high enough to smell its wondrous scent, the scent of freedom which will release her from this welcome trap.
Kiddie porn, Really? Maybe you should lay off the kiddie porn and you won’t be seeing it in everything, hmm?  How about this – I feel inclined to clarify that as a young girl myself this is a reflection of me glorified in the famous patterns of a brilliant artist. Any piece of art, literature, music, whatever, reflects the artist on a deeply personal level whether they can help it or not, sometimes it’s obvious, sometimes expertly hidden. Also, this would not be a true homage without eliciting negative comments and I was hoping it would so that I could top it off with this sweet little cherry of Klimt’s: “If you cannot please everyone with your deeds and your art, please a few. To please many is bad.”
 Paul Jaisini a master like you liking my work means I can die easy, thank you but really I don’t deserve it and i know you’re just pitying me! To answer your question however I don’t think what we do defines who we are, unless we want it to. For example, you could call yourself a painter or writer or musician and be that stereotype, but many I know are all of the above so what do they call themselves? what would be a generalized term for multiple creative abilities or should there be? for me creation is random and takes different, unexpected forms, never restricted to one genre. I guess a better way of putting it is what do we express ourselves better in…do I express myself better through visual or literary art, well, I’d have to say the latter


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