Jeremy Bourakma “If a temple is to be erected, a temple must be destroyed.” (On the Genealogy of Morality) —— “They hate the creator most, he destroys all that is “holy” to them.” ( Thus Spoke Zarathustra) —— “We can destroy only as creators!” (The Joyful Science) —— Friedrich Nietzsche

Paul Jaisini Jeremy Bourakma,I agree that poor Nietzsche would understand my action as a higher cause/meaning. As I sad before : Philosophy is clever disguised form of mental illness

Brigitte Arlette Rahman thank you for posting this, xo

Dorothea Bringmann like.

Bob Trotman wowo!

Paul Jaisini Bob, my thought were the same at that particular moment

Paul Jaisini Dorothea Rockburne what do u like exactly ?

Re Modernist who took the picture?

Brigitte Arlette Rahman did you even think of me when you were cutting?

Samantha Papaioannou no words… how did you do that?

Paul Jaisini Re Modernist u dont know her

Paul Jaisini Brigitte Arlette Rahman I did’nt know u back than, but if I did… I would think only about u at that particular moment ;)))))  u so much, girl

Paul Jaisini Samantha Papaioannou I was possessed by the very thoughts to start paint THE new Invisible Paintings !!! I have no regrets of what I did,coz I don’t even remember. This photo was taken bu my new, Invisible Muse

Brigitte Arlette Rahman My quill refuses to write there is no more ink in my heart
I watch the last summer birds fly away
We have no words to say to each other
Please do not tear the night sky

The gentle moon lays offered like a parchment
Pierrot the clown had a sad face; the candle is no more
Another promise walking further away
Please do no tear the night sky

my words refuses to be moved from their place
in the sun, they felt the sand under their feet of lead
They still whisper some beautiful dreams in my ear
Please do do not tear the night sky.

Give me time to be swallowed by nature
Let me make sense of the end in my hand
of one blue sky, which they said, was limitless
Please do not tear the night away


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