Subj: Gleitzeit and Interior Page 3 6/22/99 from Felt99 …bizarre characters which came to life straight from the unknown dimension of genius mind. Nature itself is a source of deep aesthetic predicaments. In interior Paul Jaisini creates the sources of emotional responses programming them in his works. The concept of interior with its austere straight lines craves this super-plasticity and fluidity achieved in Glietzeit art works which transform nature in a universal tool of the improbable match. How gleitzeit matches the law of nature being far away from realistic or representational art? By the principle of endless polarization and principles of ceaseless change. Is it possible to accomplish? Until the gleitzeit works I thought not. The role of color or to be more precise color scheme, proliferate in connection to persuasion to compensate the monotony and simplification of dull conventional space planning, furniture and equipment, dictated by modern technology and industrial methods of construction. Color pallet was widen in interior use with chemistry achievements and its polymer production branch. Coloring of surfaces is economic and less laborious than embellished with sculpted decor or modeling by expensive materials. However over saturation of color just as color hunger in interior is very tangible. Regarding the problem is appropriate to evaluate the role of gleitzeit style in interior. Problems of color use here, possible can be segmented to functional and aesthetic, or compositional-refined. Color in architecture from the past was used intuitively, empirically. Now its use becomes more encompassed, systematic. Physics, optics, color metrics, psychophysiology and psychology proved that color possess capacity to successfully improve conditions of life and work. Contemporary color mehtodology had reached achievements in practice signal-information usage of color function in procreation of psychological comfort. Gleitzeit is translated as industrial term of flexible work chart, “flexitime”. Paul Jaisini has little to perpetrate with the practical understanding of this term, but connects his art to certain productivity increase in regards of almost programmed quality of his picturesque art style. The sophisticated color progression in his works have the undeniable effect of a lure game that provides sensory signals of color, graphical, tonal, and conceptual nature. The utilitarian approach to appropriation of art for flexibility of concept is even somewhat diabolic. The Gleitzeit work beats any concept with its “flexitime” lingo, its global ideas “Feed the Need”. “Thou shalt not kill”, “Hot dog party” and others. It is hard to demarcate the usefulness and the beauty in the style as it has enough of everything, the worldly knowledge, the unexpected creative phenomenon, the color mating.


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