Tina writes: Re: Drunken Santa 12/6/99: Would like to see the painting.

Luke writes: Re Drunken Santa 12/7/99: I have been searching to no avail a website with Paul Jaisini art on it..

Kara writes Re Drunken Santa: ” I did want to comment on something you say in your write up — you mention the “final fiesta” and people living like it is the “last days” and then you ask if this might be why many Americans are overweight. While that is an interesting take on things, I must say that most of the people I know who struggle with weight and body issues certainly don’t feel they got that way because they are having some big party to celebrate the end of time! What I have noticed in people who deal with body issues is a tendency to feel a disconnection between body and soul — the overweight issues are most likely not a celebration of ultimate death, but a struggle to find the connection again. That’s a pretty surface look at a complex idea, but it’s what came to mind when I first read your message.

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