Starting in 1997 EYKG emailed her essays about Paul Jaisini’s oil paintings. Her message with essay was sent without any picture, without any visual attachment of a corresponding image that would demonstrate an artwork described in the essay.

For instance, when she posted or emailed  essay titled “Marble Lady oil painting by Paul Jaisini” she didn’t provide any visual information on the artwork, such as photograph of the painting, not in attachment, nor in any reference where the painting Marble Lady could be found in visual representation. 

As she continued to send out the emails and post the series of essays on the Internet she never had changed her MO.

She received numerous requests to see the painting that was the topic of the essay.

Nevertheless she only provided more written info.  

This is the earliest such precedent known to occur on the Internet when it just started to function as communicative tool for people to exchange information.

There’s little documentation found on similar activity that preceded the Internet phase.

EYKG recalls that she was regularly mailing out printed brochures with the essays about Paul Jaisini’s oil painting to museums, art publications and galleries. These brochures she said, had a title, the text of essay and some degree of design for presentation purpose, but never an image of the artwork by Paul Jaisini.


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