Blue Reincarnation Narcissus
1)The picture’s color is not a true color of spring water. This kind of color is a perception of a deep seated human belief in the concept of eternity, the rich saturated cobalt blue. 
The ultrahot, hyperreal red color of the figure of Narcissus is not supposed to be balanced in the milieu of the radical blue. The flaming color of the picture’s Narcissus
Jaisini realizes the harmony in the most exotic color combination. While looking at “Blue,” we can recall the spectacular color of night sky deranged by a vision of some fierce fire ball. 
4)In the picture’s background, we find the animals’ silhouettes which could be a memory reflection or dream fragments. 
Narcissus and his reflection-of-the-opposite by giving him the signs of both sexes
“Blue” is a completely alien picture to Jaisini’s “Reincarnation” series. The pictures of this series are painted on a plain ground of canvas that produces the effect of free space filled with air. 


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