Everybody asking… yes its me – Devil with an angelic face

Jett Jensen “Every deep thinker is more afraid of being understood than of being misunderstood.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

Nikky Slaughter sexy beast! love u

Ellen Yustas K. Gottlieb this!

Paul Jaisini Nikky Slaughter prove it ,show me yours & I’ll show you mine

Nikky Slaughter are you ready for the bad girl’s honey? if yes, anytime, honey

Paul Jaisini Nikky Slaughter, what I meant was show me your face or atlist good art,bad girl u

Poyan Bedayat We already have too many devils with angelic faces…Be the person u wish to see in the world.

Paul Jaisini Pooyan Bedayat,Make your wish

Poyan Bedayat hahaha, father of mohammad

Jewel Queen Sexiest Man Alive!

Paul Jaisini Jewel Queen,u don’t want 2 c my real face

Daniel Deeamex Excellent image. Fantastic portrait.

Maureen Horowitz I never really came across an image like this that has is an epitome to testosterone 

Ellen Yustas K. Gottlieb best there is

Paul Jaisini Best where what is where?:)

Sonya Benzos #hot man

Nikky Slaughter new every time i see

Ann Waltzer Scary

Ariela Heikes a genius

Paul Jaisini on this pic I was young and beautiful;) now I’m become softy with u Visuals.

Re Modernist heck this pic is scary, respectto MAN

Paul Jaisini Thanks 4 loving me kids, screw all pretentious gods.I’m 4 real

Rikky Adorjan Rocks!

Sonya Benzos #love

Paul Jaisini Sonya Benzos does love have dimension/size/number?

 Hellen Miren  ❤

Paul Jaisini Hellen Miren,it’s better than any comments ❤ u 2

Jay T Kelly shames my self-image, but inspires to be man!

Re Modernist coolio

Ellen Yustas K. Gottlieb with this portrait nothing words can do, it’s just perfect, good, amazing, wonderful Ad infinitum

Brigitte Arlette Rahman Your eyes fill the void
Of my heart
With burning embers
Your eyes empty the shame
Of my soul

With dew tears
Your eyes are mine
To eternity.

Ellen Yustas K. Gottlieb what an eye!

Brigitte Arlette Rahman La P(a)rise de Parole is indeed always something that breaks the Status-Quo. In every philosophy or scriptures, it is ordained : Paul Jaisini, you destroyed your masterpiece, Thou shall not Kill,Why?

Jett Jensen “The true man wants two things: danger and play. For that reason he wants woman, as the most dangerous plaything.” 
― Friedrich Nietzsche

Jim Morana Awesome.

Nikky Slaughter epic

Ruby Stern good looking devil 

Paul Jaisini Devil with an angelic face

Sonya Benzos #sexy hunk #hot guy

Ann Waltzer Do absolutely love the face!

Kitty Smith artist

Paul Jaisini Kitty Smith, stop name-calling

Paul Jaisini Ann Waltzer, if face is enough, than I’m yours

Brigitte Arlette Rahman The hands of the day are nailed on my door
The full moon impaled on the fairy stick

the magic potion I stirred
with the spoon of devotion
in a chalice of sins

The panther of the night jumps through the sun
retracing one last line of life

A clenched fist over a satin hand
captures the last rush of air;
the train of the distance
draws nearer on the orbit of trust

The church locks herself up to prevent the needy
from stealing its chairs. the monument is still
counting Paul Jaisini’s souls
while my soul kneels in the snow

Rikky Adorjan this is hands down my favorite

Paul Jaisini Rikky Adorjan what is your favorite would be ; angel or devil?

Jewel Queen gimme all devil you’ve got!

Lauren Turney Nice chest.

Hellen Miren all time favorite!

Paul Jaisini My lovely Girls ,I wish I would make all ov u very happy ,but I need 2 shape up a bit ,coz it b not an easy task 2 make virtual  ❤ 2 all ov u

Paul Jaisini Lauren Turney I wish u would make this complement 10 years ago,when I took this pic of myself I’m no longer care about my chest,only my butt 😉

 Ellen Yustas K. Gottlieb you’re in your typical unawareness that times doesn’t touch you, darling Paul, ten years did nothing to you, and i wonder what is your secret

Friedrich Nietzsche Of all that is written, I love only what a man has written with his own blood.

Ayaan Khan Take the Coola home.

Disagreed mantastic!

Vicky Heart REAL MAN

Disagreed Baby, work your mojo!

Infinite I like this portrait with muscle.

Healing Painting great, would like to see it up close

Rainbow Thirteen Floor obsessed, there’s a way to teach character capture and this is an example.

Reginas world CGA

Lisa Philipe Mythical

Felipe Matthias He is @Paul Jaisini

Brigitte Arlette Rahman How far have you gone into the psyche of Paul Jaisini? Let me know I would certainly be interested. It was not my intention to keep you guessing. I feel no anticipation and have no expectations. I have a few books to write, and I want to write them away from propaganda. It is not much to ask I think. I need my lebensraum to create. I do not have it here any longer.

Ariela Heikes the king

Arpeggia sexy guy alert!

Fans of Sparkle art

Anthony Haden-Guest herewith, i want a portrait that would “get me” I have a feeling that this portrait captures your character, Jaisini Invisible.



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